Road bike time over Hard-tail time

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I've taken to the road and am averaging 21km/h on my mountain bike (2 min 50 sec per km).
I'm wondering what sort of speed increase I can expect using a road bike?

What is the average speed of a few times a week, moderately fit rider?



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    21km/h is around 13mph isn't it? It really will all depend on the terrain, distance, conditions and how you ride.

    It really is difficult to say what sort of speed increase you will achieve though.

    there is allready a thread about average speeds below
  • :) Thanks I was obviously searching for the wrong terms.
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    My ave on a MTB is about 12 mph, on my road bike it's about 16mph. Over hilly routes ot able to go flat out @ the moment as I have a back injury. That about a 25% increase, hope that helps. :lol:
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  • Yep 21k is pretty much spot on 13 mph.

    So I could either get to B in 75% of the time, or travel 25% further on a road bike. Win Win!
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    I am moderately fit and 40 years old. I have gone back to cycling as a regular exercise and have been cycling for three months now. I have a fairly good road bike and average anywhere between 28 and 34 kph on the flat.

    I would say younger and lighter riders (I am 16.5 stone) would have a higher average than me.

    Since I have had my bike I am averaging 27 kph....which includes some riding in Cornwall and North and South Downs....most of my riding is on the flat commuting in London though.
  • FCE2007
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    2-3 mph gain with a road bike, here.
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