New bike for £1000-£1300 budget

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Hi all, i was just wandering if any-one could offer a bit of advise, i currently have a 1999 cannondale r500 which i have been riding more and more recently, i got it second hand for £250 off a mate about 4 years ago it's only the past year or so that i've been riding more, mostly for a 10 mile hilly commute to work and back again, i was smushed off it about a year ago as a bloke in a BMW who couldn't see over the wheel side swiped me an snapped my collar bone, so gettin some money off his insurance, anyhoo done a lot of research and sort of narrowed it down to maybe the planet x or focus cayo, however i have since decided that i might prefer something more comfortable and less racy as i have ridden a couple of times to see my bro in Exeter (82 miles) and even riding my commute my lower back aches a bit so on longer rides it's nasty, maybe due to frame size and current set up (it is 54cm frame and i am 6ft with 90cm inner leg) i saw the specialized roubaix which seems to have more of an up-right position but there so much conflicting info, any help greatly appreciated, cheers all