Chain Maintenance - Chain Rotation?

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I've read a number of articles regarding 'chain rotation' - having maybe 3 or 4 chains rotated at regular intervals, thus managing the wear of the chains, cassette and chain rings over a longer period and in the process reducing cost. If this is the case can you please advise:
1. What mileage frequency should the chain be rotated?
2. When fitting a 'run' chain should the diconnected pin be replaced with new pin (Simano HG73)?
3. The best chain tool for splitting and refitting the chain?
4. Expected mileage I can get from the cassette and chain rings before replacement (lots of variables at work but just a rough idea)?



  • Campy King
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    I read all about the a few years ago and have since learned that replacing the chain every 1000 miles does the same thing. It is a lot less hassle too as you need to label you cassettes and chains when you store them... Topeak and Park do a pretty good pin extractor, although I never seem to be able to get them to last more than a dozen extractions!! I would recommend using a powerlink to join the chain too.