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Giant XTC Big bear ???

andytaylor1980andytaylor1980 Posts: 11
edited August 2008 in MTB beginners
Hi everyone,

Sorry to keep rambelling on with stupid questions, but i dont want to part with my cash easy and want to make to right choice.

Another ebay item 320280940454 the seller has told me to make an offer, im not even sure what the bike is worth?

Basicly i have about £500 to spend on either a new bike or a slightly better 2nd hand one.

I have looked new at orange G2 and giant XTC SX, and i have been told i will need a 17" frame, im 5ft 8 and this sounds a bit big


  • xtremedashxtremedash Posts: 182
    For such an old bike it's probably worth £250. I'd probably look newer than that.
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