Rear Axle snapped - does it happen often?

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The rear axle on my Pompino snapped this morning after 2 years (about 5000 miles). I've never snapped one before (usually chains), has anyone else encountered this?

I'm running 48x17 and pretty heavy (just over 100Kg).


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    What length is the axle? 120OLN by any chance?

    Axle breakages were common with older pattern threaded hubs as the bearings were less widely spaced than modern cassette hubs. Breakages were common with strong riders and or heavier riders.

    If you are pushing a big gear the stresses/loading may be a factor in what is happening. Club riders in the 30s, 40s and 50s rode much lower fixed gears than the current fashion. Emphasis was on a fluid pedalling style and ability to 'rev' a gear.
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    Think I'll try the standard Pompino 48x18 or 20 again, as i generally cruise at 70 - 80rpm so going to 90 - 100 is probably a bit better for the legs and axles!

    Yes I think it is 120mm. What is OLN?
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    O.L.N. or O.L.D.
    Over Lock Nut
    Over Locknut Dimension

    the width of the hub between the locknuts. hub width.
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    Snapped an XT one about two months ago, while pulling onto a roundabout. It was about 15 years old though.
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    just an aside, I have tiagra hubs on my pompino, what is the OLD?
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    just an aside, I have tiagra hubs on my pompino, what is the OLD?

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    Never yet (touch wood) snapped a hub spindle, even when using screw-on rear 8sp wheels (Hope and Sachs) for cyclo-cross, which are allegedly the most prone due to the longer axles and the bearing spacing already alluded to.

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  • The rear axle snapped on my Scott mountainbike after about 2,000 miles, mostly offroad, unbranded wheels.

    My pompino (120mm) has covered about 1,500 road miles (48x16), no problems so far. Does anyone use their pompino offroad? are the standard hubs proven to be strong enough? if so, road mileage should be capable of being quite high.
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    I took my Pompino on 30mile commutes down tow paths for about a year and through forests with hardish paths.

    Surprisingly, the wheels have not even the slightest hint of a buckle, perfectly true!