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Clicking sound coming from the drivetrain

indysmithindysmith Posts: 276
edited August 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
It started off a couple of weeks ago when I was going up Aston Hill's XC course (at least that's when i first noticed it), and at the time I wasn't too worried about it as it only happened every now and then, and only if I was pedalling REALLY hard.
Now it's got a lot worse, there's about 5 quite audible clicking sounds with each rotation of the cranks, but usually only when I stand up on them (or if I'm sitting and pedalling hard uphill).
It's coming from somewhere down below, but I can't pinpoint where. Could be the bottom bracket, chain, cranks, or pedals I think.
I feel like it's the pedals but I can't be sure what's doing it. It's all freshly cleaned and oiled so should be running well.
It's a very annoying noise, and I'm getting worried that it might be something cracking; i don't want it to be causing a crash. Has anyone had this trouble before? Could it just be time for a new chain?
Thanks for any help!

P.S. It's put me in a really bad mood aswell - when I kneeled down to inspect for signs of the clicking on my ride today (to no avail), I kneeled right on a wasp and now my whole knee's swollen and stinging. :roll:


  • louselouse Posts: 80
    what gear(s) does it happen in?
  • indysmithindysmith Posts: 276
    All of them.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    ok then do you have a mate that you can borrow a rear wheel from? if it is ok with that then it will be your bb or pedals.
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  • indysmithindysmith Posts: 276
    Changing the rear wheel made no difference but I think I've fixed it; just took the pedals off and put em back on again :lol: tighter!
    Just had a quick ride up and down the road though; I'll report back if it comes back.
    Thanks guys
  • bells0bells0 Posts: 414
    Had this problem recently too! Just ordered a workstand and tool kit combo from Merlin to have a good go over the bike at the weekend. Will try the pedals 1st now! :wink:
  • BmjboyBmjboy Posts: 680
    Ive just got my steed back from my LBS for this very problem. Very consistent clicking in all gears when pedalling, about 2 clicks per rotation - drove me effing mad!

    Guy took off, lubed and reseated and tightend cranks and BB, he also tightend pedals and lubed my seatpost (apparently that can also be an issue!!)

    He explained that it could literally be anything down that section, from your weight bearing down as you push on the crank and something moving, to a knackered BB.

    He did however mention that my BB was poorly lubed (from factory) and that everything needed a going over (yes I should start to learn more advanced maintenance techniques)

    Only cost a couple of quid for him to service all of that, so might be worth putting under the nose of someone who knows....
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  • Mr bumpMr bump Posts: 369
    I had a similar problem, stripped the BB regreased it and hey presto no more noise.
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