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Help please Romic shock on Teocali Super 07 frame?

Billeh1977Billeh1977 Posts: 4
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Hi all first post on these forums so Hello to you all :).

I have just bought a Romic coilover shock for my 07 Teocali super (replacement for brocken 06 comp frame) but the spring that comes with it is about 2mm to big to fit threw the frame design.

What i would like to know please is what other springs i could get to fit it as there is atleast 3/4mm to play with on the inside of the spring and i didnt relise the Romic shocks came with oversize springs :(.

Please can somebody help me as i dont want to get rid of the shock :) Thanks for any help



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    oh dear me. new frame or new shock.
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  • 2 Small cracks developed on my 06 Teocali comp, when i spoke to the rep he said i had 5 year warrenty on it and as it was only 7-8 months old i sent it back and as a result they didnt have any of the 06 comp frames left so i ended up with a 07 Teocali super frame.

    I just bought the Romic shock the other day and forgot they came with oversized springs. There is room to put a smaller diameter spring on the shock so it will fit i would just like to know if anyone can point me in the right direction please :(.
  • Anyone? Please :(:(
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