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What lights to buy for winter?

hitchen92hitchen92 Posts: 264
edited July 2008 in MTB buying advice
Ok, so the lighter nights are soon going to be coming to a close, and im just wondering what offroad performance lights you use? I'll have a budget of £200 max, but how do you get around the fact that the light may run out of battery, as most post£100 lights are run off rechargable battery packs??



  • AlanWAlanW Posts: 291
    Simple to answer..........................Lumicycle
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  • UnderscoreUnderscore Posts: 730
    Simple to answer..........................Ay-Up


    P.S. and if you don't think that either of the available batteries is going to last long enough, buy a spare. They're not too expensive and they're very light.
  • I've got both AY-UP and Lumicycle

    AY-UP probably better cos the batteries are tiny for the run time. Light units again are small for the power output.
  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    what about the soon to be released hope 2 led? that's definitely my choice and are what i'll be buying.
  • Lemon EddyLemon Eddy Posts: 41
    For £200, I'd probably go for the Joystick Max and the piggyback battery pack: ... maxx-25246

    Really nice kit for the money, and it gives a good upgrade plan (buy a handlebar mounted light later)
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