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ACF and YACF - what happened?

vermootenvermooten Posts: 2,697
Was there a schism in the audax world? Who went where, and why?

(pretty cryptic huh)
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  • bofbof Posts: 372
    The guy who runs ACF had a fit of madness (He showed classic signs of being a demented cult leader) and almost all its members fled. ACF was getting cliquey before this happens and YACF is worse IMO.

    I always thought the guy was a bit odd. I missed most of what happened but his writing got genuinely disturbing when the split happened (April/May time)
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  • snakehipssnakehips Posts: 2,272
    I recently noticed this and wondered the same.
    Intriguing as IIRC ACF started as a breakaway movement from the old Cycling Plus forum a few years ago after some dispute which I missed and therefore never fully understood.
    I had a look at ACF a few weeks ago and found it to be surprisingly quiet.. Then I discovered YACF and some familiar names from ACF (and C+)

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  • Gavin GilbertGavin Gilbert Posts: 4,019
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    for what it's worth, Audax riders getting into bed with Munn/Walker has always caused me great sadness. It gave the megalomaniac a credibility he didn't deserve, and gave the already insular world of AUK a further reason to disappear up its own rectum.

    YACF seems a lot closer to what the old C+ was like. But that’s no longer a world I can be bothered to inhabit. I don’t feel comfortable with people who stuck with Munn/Walker long after it became patently obvious what a flake he was. But good luck to ‘em anyway I say….
  • zoomcpzoomcp Posts: 975
    I don't think there is even an Audax section on the driftwood of the almost sunk ACF anymore (or if there is it is hidden behind a login) so hardly a schism;

    FWIW acf became the default AUK discussion forum after the yahoo list went a bit quiet. I don't think anyone had any great affinity with the old acf it was just where all the other riders were (and still are on yacf)
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