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Delamere Forest courses?

trailblazer83trailblazer83 Posts: 87
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Taken the bike for a spin at Dellamere forest the week after next. Does anyone know if there are any beginners courses or sessions ran there by anyone?

Hope someone can help, thanks



  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    I was there a couple of weeks ago and I'm sure there were notices up in the cycle hire / shop place for courses for various abilities.
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  • bellysbellys Posts: 456
    there use to be a site for Dellamere bike club not sure if its still working.
    if you go to the cafe in the main car park they have maps with all the courses for various abilities.

    have fun when the kids are at school i spend all day just ridein there.

    try this site
  • Steve_b77Steve_b77 Posts: 1,906

    As I live in Dleamere I reckon I could offer some advice.

    Tracs do some trail riding courses but I think they're a book in advance kinda thing.

    There are two main way marked bike routes, the blue at about 4 miles and the white at about 7 miles, both routes start and finish at the visitor centre just down from Dleamere train Station. There's nothign tricky on these, being mainly wide fire road.

    There ar plenty of newly developing single track routes that are being continually ridden by the local riders and are opening up alot more of the forest as time goes by, some of these are very rooty, with adverse camber and the possibility of falling into a stream or two if you get it wrong :lol:

    There's plenty to play on as well including a Jump area, 4x track and some short down hill sections.

    You can ride round the forest for hours on end, I must warn you though it gets very busy with people walking at weekends and there's plenty of dogs too.

    On a plus note the Cajun Chicken Pitta at the Visitor Centre Cafe is top notch 8) :D
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