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Aargh - tubeless !

robintarobinta Posts: 211
edited July 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
about 4 months ago I got a free Joes No-flats kit and bought some tubeless ready Bontrager Jones ACX tyres. The tyres were a nightmare to get on the rim but sealed no problem and have been excellent.

I wanted to try a different tyre so bought a pair of Continental Mountain King Protections (Conti being a "recommended" tyre manufacturer via Stans/Joes). It took a lot to inflate the tyre but it eventually worked. Then I did the whole lie the wheel flat, shake numerous times around the circumferance as per instructions. The next day the tyre was nearly flat so I pumped it up and went for a (careful) ride. Surprisingly after an hour it had lost only a few PSI. THe next day (MON) the tyre was flat again, so more shaking, rotating etc and I re-inflated it.

Today the tyre was at 7 psi so I`ve tried it in a water bath and whilst there are no obvious leaks, at various parts of the side wall small bubbles appear. Surely by now the inside of the tyre should be coated or the latex should do its job and seal ?

I`m very disheartened as this is only 1 b*stard wheel !

If it doesnt improve by the weekend I`m seriously considering going back to tubes, or trying a tube with some sealant in (anyone tried this ?). I know this would counter some of the supposed benefits of running tubeless :- less weight, more supple tyres etc. but I dont have this kind of time to waste.

Anyone any advice either of the Conti Protections suitability for tubeless or anything else very welcome.




  • LarokLarok Posts: 577
    Yeah I had that with my specialised the captain 2 bliss ready tyres.

    I got it sorted by putting the wheel on a bucket to get it to sit evenly and leaving it for 10 minutes - then doing the shake thing. Then on the other side. Repeat as much as it needs and you will get there. If you find a stubborn bit tilt the wheel up a bit on the bucket so the latex is over the stubborn bit of the tyre and leave for a while.

    The key is to leave the wheel flat, (do need a bucket or similar), for the 5-15 mins before shaking and turning over. Good idea to check with water for success as you have done.

    It's a bit of a knack but they will seal and you'll be all happy with it again :o
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