Can I do a 75 mile run ?

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Got a bike in April, and have clocked over 1000 miles to date, mostly on 30-40 mile touring runs with local club. 42 miles last night in 2 hours 15. Thighs buring at the end !

Been asked to do 75 miler on the weekend - never been beyond forties before, so I am little concerned about stepping up to the mark, not least the prospect of letting myself down.

I am assured that this is a fun run, but no doubt their competitiive juices will kick in at the first 30mph sign !

Is this too large a step up in one go - should I build up a little first ?

Also, it starts first thing in the morning - any breakfast advice - pasta doesn't seem appetising at 7am !


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    Go for it, you'll be fine. Just make sure you know the route so if you get tired you can turn off early etc. Oh and stop for cake at the hafway mark :D

    Breakfast wise - I eat porridge and bananas combined with a decent pasta dinner. Make sure you take (and drink!) plenty of water, perhaps mixed with electrolyte powder if you have some.
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    I thought you meant could you run 75 miles when I read the title :shock:

    I would think you should be able to do this. I did something similar back in April - in fact two 75milers (Norwichish to Cambridgeish on the Saturday, return trip on the Sunday) over a weekend. Wasn't a problem, but then I didn't have anyone to keep pace with.
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    You'll manage it, especially in a group. I went from doing 20 miles to doing a 70 miler last year, with 20 miles alone and the other 50 with a friend. I managed it fairly easily, though I did feel pretty much like death warmed up by the end. You sound like you're in better condition than me, so you should be fine.

    Breakfast, you'll be fine with something like porridge or muesli, possibly cereal if you pick a good one. Have a decent meal with lots of carbs the night before (pasta would be ideal), something good while riding (there will probably be at least one cafe stop) and remember to drink lots.

    The most important thing to do is enjoy it. Riding in a group is easier, but if you're trying to pull the pace along and go quicker, you'll end up knackered by the 50 mile point. Taking it slow and steady will both increase your enjoyment of the ride and keep you fresher, as well as allowing you to talk to the other members of the group.
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    i dont think you will have a prob.

    i did manchester to blackpool 62miles with out any issues. before this the longest ride i had done was about 35 miles

    as long as you ride at a nice pace you will befine in a group dont do mad sprints just keep turning the pedels at a nice pace you will be fine.

    take some cash for a drink and make sure you drink a lot of water on the ride and stop for a cake or beans on toast about 1/2 way.

    good luck. :D
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    You'll be fine, just remember to pace yourself and keep hydrated

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    I'm doing my first 80 miler tomorrow - previously only hit mid-50's, so cheers for the advice about food and stuff - Darlington to Morcamber bay straight through the yorkshire dales.

    Quite nervous!
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    Breakfast wise - I eat porridge and bananas combined with a decent pasta dinner.

    That's disgusting :shock:
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    If you have a heart rate monitor you can see when you're over cooking things physically. Mine has got me round longer rides in better nick than I used too. Good luck folks and enjoy it.
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  • Well, completed the 76 mile in 4 hours 10 minutes, so well pleased.

    Porridge and bananas worked a treat, for the first 40 miles until the 'cake stop'. Seized up a little during those 20 minutes, and it took me another 10 miles to get back in the stride.

    Plan to do another one in a couple of weeks, but this one will have alot more climbs.

    Thanks for all the advice, and giving me the confidence to go for it
  • Congratulations! These long rides do get very adictive don't they? :lol:
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    Just off to contemplate my own mortality and inevitable descent into decrepedness.
    FCN 3 or 4 on road depending on clothing
    FCN 8 off road because I'm too old to go racing around.
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    Well Done,

    Don't forget to stretch a bit when you stop at cake stops etc. It'll help when you get going again. Enjoy
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    degsy_103 wrote:
    Well, completed the 76 mile in 4 hours 10 minutes, so well pleased.
    Sounds like a good time to me!
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    I think that is a good time!

    I'm doing 60 miles on Sunday and am aiming for 4 hours, or less.

    So I thinmk you've done very well there.

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    congratulations. :D

    I have been riding between 20 and 35 for around 4 weeks until last Sunday when I did 63 miles on a club run. The last 15+ hurt !! but the worst bit was the cake stop at 40 miles. I really struggled to get going following the stop. Got dropped from the club run and rode the rest of the way home on my own.

    I managed to average just over 16mph for the ride so fairly pleased overall. It is difficult getting use to the fact I havent riden for over 30 years and have just started back. The times and speeds I trained at then..... are now well and truely in the past unfortunately.

    I noticed in the comments above about stretching at the cake stop, I will try this next time to see if it helps