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Upgrading 2007 Fuel Ex8

purplemonkeypurplemonkey Posts: 10
edited July 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
After deciding to stick with my 2007 Fuel Ex8 I'm considering the following options:

Upgrade brakes to Hope Moto V2
Upgrade Hubs to - ???
Upgrade headset to a Chris King Headset

Will the hopes be too heavy for my all mountain use, I really do hammer my brakes on fast descents and want something with serious stopping power without too much of a compromise on weight

Finally and the biggest question I have, can I upgrade the stock Fox float rear air shock to a coil shock to cope with jumps better? I'm forever worried about blowing the rear shock



  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    It doesn't sound like you have a bike fit for your use! Upgrading to a CK is a bit of a waste unless your current headset is knackered.

    Also you need to sort out your priorities, worried about the brake weights but want a coil shock! That's insane. Stick with your air can, it'll be fine, get whatever brakes you fancy, but IMHO minis with 180/160 should be plenty, or if you really want mor power then get moto's with floaters, or formula brakes.

    As for hubs, proII or xt, if you want more exclusive then tune or burgtec
  • Thanks ride_whenever!

    Well the only reason I mention the coil shock is that it gives the impression it's more durable especially for jumping etc.

    I weigh just under 11 stone if I'm jiumping on an air shock what psi should I use?

    The brakes are really because I want more powerful brakes (weight second in this instance) The reason I was looking at Hope is because back when I first started they were the brakes to have to be honest I havent actually looked at the competitors you mention!

    I thought A CK headset would give ultra smooth and efficient steering or is that me being a sucker for marketing???

    Hubs wise I want ultra efficiency, durability and from the rear good response in terms of pick up without sounding like an idiot riding down the street

    Too much too ask ;)

    The bikes actually a great foundation I think, i find the 2007 Fuel EX frame perfect for what I'm after however depending on money I will be looking at a full time downhill rig for next summer so I can hit the Alps/whistler etc.

    Thanks again
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