Will dhb R1 Road Shoes accept SPD-SL cleats

Sisko Posts: 18
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I have a pair of dhb R1 Road Shoes that I use with SPD pedals.

Does anyone know if these will work with SPD-SL pedals? The shoes have three boilt holes for Look etc. but will they fit SPD-SL as well as it is hard to tell from the Wiggle website.

Hopefully someone can help.


  • Old_Corny
    Old_Corny Posts: 1
    Yes - I bought a pair recently, and they have holes for 2 & 3 hole systems, I am using 105 SPD-SL pedals/cleats
  • Sisko
    Sisko Posts: 18
    Thanks for the quick response.

    I have seen some good prices for SPD-SL pedals on eBay and I am tempted to move to the SL pedals.