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Newbie questions

walters2001walters2001 Posts: 3
edited July 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
Hello All

I'm pretty new to biking, well not new i had a bike when i was a kid but you know what i mean.


i have 2 bikes, neither are anything special, 1 is a standard fame Raleigh Max whcih is quite a few years old but in relatively new condition as hardly been used , with 21 gears and rapid fire gear levers and rubbish cantilever brakes. The 2nd is Barracuda full suspensioned (if that is even a word) bike, with 15 gears with gripsift and v-brakes, which has been well used but in goodish condition.

I'm wanting to try and combine good bits of both bikes to make a slightly better bike would this be possible?

If so which way round should i do it:

1. Raleigh frame with added front suspension and v-brakes from the Barracuda.
2. Barracuda frame, front and rear suspension, v-brake but upgrade the gears, the derailer from the Raleigh

which would be easiest to try and do myself?


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