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3 counties challenge 2008

andy610andy610 Posts: 602
anyone seen any photos for the 2008 3counties challenge, i did the 100k but not seen any pics yet


  • LeighBLeighB Posts: 326
    There are some on the Cyclosport site but only ones taken at the start/finish area. I did the 200K and there was a photographer on the climb up to Dent Station; I don't know what the pictures would be like as it was pretty wet and misty. Last year there was a photographer at the top of Kirkstone but I did not see one this year. My Mum (I'm 40 married with children but still her little boy) bought a picture last year and I think the phtographer was from Kirkby Stephen but I cannot think of his name, can anyone remember? It may have been the same company this year.
    How did you like the climb from Dent up and over to the Ingleton Road? I did it in winter as a training ride and thought it was quite a good climb.
  • DoobzDoobz Posts: 2,800
    there was a photographer but he only took pics on the "Coal Road Climb" and that was not included in the 100km route.

    I am not sure who the Photographers were. They were in the tent at the finish with a laptop so you could choose what photo's you wanted.

    Awesome ride, really it was -

    I just don't understand why the photographer didn't think of going to a climb where he would get all the riders going through. Maybe that's why he is a photographer.. (more riders more cash) the mind boggles :o:o
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