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Getting back into it - a few questions...

gcwebbyukgcwebbyuk Posts: 1,926
I have decided to get back into cycling for fun and fitness - I used to cycle every day to work, plus after work and weekends, but that all ended when I moved house and getting the bike out of my flat became such a pain I stopped.

I used the gym/pool for fitness, but didnt seem to keep the weight off as easy as I did cycling - maybe getting older didnt help either!

So after about 4/5 years, I have been out for a few rides recently after work, and a couple of weekend leisure rides - all less than 10 miles so far on the road, with a view to increasing them gradually.

I find it fairly easy to do these, little sweaty when I get back home, and a little short of breath (I have very weak asthma).

If my Cateye Cordless 2 is telling the truth I am averaging about 12mph for these rides - is this a good average pace, or should I be looking to increase this and do a shorter distance to build up, or lower the speed and increase distance?

My circuit is mainly flat (I live near the sea), but I try and include a couple of fairly steep inclines (one means going down the small chainring and second largest cog on the back).

Also I have found that the last hill climb (taken in the saddle not standing up), I feel the muscles under my knees really burning, I remember from years ago that saddle position affected which muscles were used - so does this mean my saddle is too far forward or back?

Thanks in advance.....


  • lost-timelost-time Posts: 549
    It's good to get back into cycling isn't it? I too had a 4-5 year break. Anyway, you say you find your 10 miler quite easy so if time permits you can always go for 15... But what I did was like with my running.... Lets say I could quite easily run 10K in 50mins. One night I may do 15K but not really bother about the time as I'm going for distance, not time. another night I'd run just 5K but try and do this in 20mins. I kind of do this with my riding. A short quick blast in my local woods one night then a few nights later a longer but slower paced jaunt.

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