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toe overlap on pompino?

david 142david 142 Posts: 227
edited August 2008 in Road general
I'm considering buying a pompino frame but I have come across a couple of comments about (marginal) toe overlap with them.
I appreciate not everyone would class this as a problem, but IMO its a treat I dont wish to sample :lol:
Has anyone here encountered this?
If anyone has a 57cm frame could you tell me the c-c distance between Bb and front drop outs? (steel forks, if it makes a difference)

The other frame under consideration is a Surly Crosscheck. Any thoughts about which to choose?


  • MrHulotMrHulot Posts: 173
    605mm. I don't find the overlap a problem but am careful doing low speed turns or making too much of an acute entry to a junction. Also I'm mindful of digging a pedal. Just ends up being natural - like not stopping pedalling when going over a hump that you might do when geared.
  • graham_ggraham_g Posts: 652
    If you are going to be putting mudguards on it then I can almost guarantee it!
    OK, that's a slight exaggeration but I had problems with my size 8's (clipless) on a large frame - brushed the tyre without guards and then with guards was a nightmare on a couple of tight turn traffic occasions. The frame I went with after (an old raleigh) was an absolute dream in comparison with no overlap even with mudguards and old fashioned toe-clips!
  • david 142david 142 Posts: 227
    Well thanks for the warnings, but I have to say I'm confused now!
    The old 27" wheel sports frame I've been using measures about 623 c-c and gives me a minimum of 30mm clearance to the mudguard. Thats with size 9s and 175 cranks. I suppose I should add that I'm actually using 700c wheels.
    All the same, a warning is a warning - Thanks!
    I'd be severely cheesed off to end up with an avooidable comp[lication.
  • steverilesteverile Posts: 514
    Yes I get it, no it's not a problem. Size 8s, 54cm frame, 175 cranks. You just pedal through it. Most of the time you don't turn the wheel that far, most of the times you do turn that far your foot's in another place. I can appreciate it's not everyone's cup of tea though :)
  • I ride a fixed 120mm pompino everyday (175mm cranks, toe clips & size 14 shoes, no mud guards); no problem with toe overlap on low speed tight turns, on cyclepaths or through tight traffic.

    The cross check can take cassette gears, but if you are going to run single speed or fixed, you may be better going for the pompino. Since going for the pompino, I've never looked back.
  • dombatdombat Posts: 96
    I have minimal overlap on my Pompino Large size with size 11 SPD shoes, it's never been a problem although I did have to take a mini craft saw to the mudguards to remove the whole section where my toe would've touched!
  • This toe-clip overlap is on most of to-day's bicycles. Manufacturers are getting away with it. Anyhow, I have learned to accept the feature on both my road bikes, so if you find toe-clip overlap on the cycle, always be mindful, especially when turning 'right' (or 'left') from a stationary position.
  • BlondeBlonde Posts: 3,188
    Agree that most bikes have this - especially smaller frames. My Pompino is 52/53 and it does have overlap with mudguards attached, but it's really not a problem whan actually riding, as you don't steer a bike by turning the steerer/wheel by very much, even around 90 degree bends. It is ONLY a very slight problem when stopped and not concentrating, or chatting, that I might move the steerer/wheel and almost get my foot stuck, and then find that I am not ready to set off when the lights change.... :oops: This makes me look like an idiot, but it's really not a problem - I'm used to it!
  • SJLcpSJLcp Posts: 239
    I have a large (thinks its 55cm) pompino with mudguards and size 10 feet - there is a little toe overlap but its never been a problem - same experiences as previous

    Would also comment that I think the geometry of the pompino is good for a commuter and it never feels too short or twitchy (as my old Condor Pista did)
  • don_dondon_don Posts: 1,007
    Same here - medium Pomp frame, 170 cranks, size 8s. Quite a bit of overlap with guards on but only a problem with very tight turns in traffic, and then not too big an issue.

    Incidentally I've recently bought a 54cm Pearson Touche. Longer front-centre so absolutely no toe overlap even with guards, but it still handles well and is nice and fast. I would recommend looking at one if you are not sure about the Pompino or Surly :)
  • MrHulotMrHulot Posts: 173
    Same as don_don - picked up a nice 2ndhand Epic Solo in the Spring - essentially the same as the Touche. As you say no overlap with guards, good position and fast. Currently running 48x16 and would thoroughly recommend. Trouble is when you look in the stable and want a fixed which one do you take ... Daddy or chips, Daddy or chips ....
  • david 142david 142 Posts: 227
    Thanks for the information, but it sounds as if the Pompino might not be for me!
    Pity - the alternatives are a little more expensive!
    I did look at the Pearson - very nice but even more pricey. Its starting to look as if I'm going to have to spend some serious cash :cry::lol:
  • M5_PhilM5_Phil Posts: 122
    Hi David,

    you'll be fine with the Pompino. I've got 2 of them. I don't experience toe overlap on my 51cm singlespeed. I have noticed my clipped-in size 11's brushing my mudguards on my 54cm fixie when doing a 2m radius turn on a cyclepath on my commute, nowhere else.

    Whats the worst that could happen? You have to eBay the Pomp frame and buy another toy? :) Nah, chances are you'll love it.

    Phil "2 Pomps"
    if I had a pound for every time I hear I have too many bikes, I could buy another bike
  • I don't understand why some people worry so much about toe overlap. Get the Pomp, it's a great bike.
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    I've only had issues when navigating chicanes (sp???) on the paths onto the towpath when not clipped in and mashing with my instep!
  • kildarekildare Posts: 35
    I have the XL 57cm frame and size 11 shoes. I have had no problems with toe overlap, even when using 32mm tyres and mudguards. Unless you have clown feet should be fine.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    I have a fixed with guards and get a bit of overlap - but really as the others say - its just not the problem you are making out ?
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