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Lamborghini bicycles

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  • You couldn't pay me to ride one! :D
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    you could pay me to, i'll do anything for money
  • you could pay me to, i'll do anything for money

    I will pay you £20 to go and buy every Ting Tings album and destroy them all.....

    You might end up a little out of pocket, but it would be a great service to mankind.....
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    I quite enjoy the Ting Tings.... :lol:
  • ricadusricadus Posts: 2,379
    …also sells a range of Cadillac, My Little Pony and Sesame Street branded bikes.
    Classy. :D
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Dear oh dear you would have thought they could have come up with someone better than these dreadful examples, I mean it is Lambo we're talking about. Amazing.
  • champschamps Posts: 4
    The Rapido appears to be marked as "Vapido" in the press shots, and sure does look the part.

    Unless Rivendell sells complete, Rohloff-specific bikes, is there any respectable way of sporting a threaded headset and a rotary shifter at any price point in your line?
  • Ash_Ash_ Posts: 385
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    Brand name cash ins - it's not new is it? Ferrari, Land Rover, BMW even Mazda and I'm sure several others have at some time or other cobbled together (or got someone else to cobble together on their behalf) some sort of bike range. However, these Lamborghinis are possbily the worst I've seen.

    Firstly, they can't call them straight out Lamborghini bikes (remember, they've got the rights to the bull logo, but maybe not the brand name). They have to be called Emilio Squigliani Lamborghini or whatever it was - I mean, you might consider a Ferrari edition Colnago C50, but what if it had to say 'Kevin Ferrari' on the down tube to avoid copyright issues?

    Actually, now that I think about it - this is the inverse of a car company trying to cash in on bikes. This is someone with a (now) fairly tenuous link to the Lamborghini car company attempting to associate their brand with the prestige that comes with the cars (we'll leave the tractors out of it). OK, they've got 'previous' for doing this with watches and wallets and the like, but they really should steer clear of bikes.

    I mean, who thought up the range? There's a really expensive road bike, complemented by a tandem and a shopper or something. It seems very ill-conceived.

    And this top end road bike - it's called 'The sweet life' in translation. Now bikes end up with some pretty stupid names, but what is so sweet about road riding?

    There's another bike called the Vapido - Vapid in English, meaning:

    1. lacking or having lost life, sharpness, or flavor; insipid; flat.
    2. without liveliness or spirit; dull or tedious

    I think the 'dull' reference might be something to do with its 'Shock protection system' (which as far as I can see means thicker bar tape), but something's got lost in translation there. Also, it's either a kid's bike or I'm a little worse for wear, but the geometry looks a little censored to say the least. And if it isn't a kid's bike, then it's got the world's largest rear mech.

    Furthermore, I thought the whole point of these brand name cash-ins was, well, the cash. It's about creating something exclusive, and that means jacking the price up (often unneccesarily) so plebs like me can't afford one. You might be able to buy this range in Harrods, but you can also get it from Tesco - and how much will the Hybrid set you back? 200 quid! Strangely, the dual suspension bike, the Muiro, is only 180 quid. I bet it's great.

    I think I put more thought and effort into writing this drivel than Tonino did in 'creating' this range of bikes.

    I guess this is what happens when you sub-contract to the people that make Cookie Monster tricycles...
  • bobpzerobobpzero Posts: 1,431
    id wonder what a nissan gt r skyline (£50,000 jumpd up datsun) roadie bike would be.
  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    Nope, the thing isn't even Italian !
  • synchronicitysynchronicity Posts: 1,415
    They look like Kmart bikes.
    I was expecting something a lot better.

    They should've teamed up with the likes of Pinarello.

    Colnago previously did a bike with Ferrari...

    Porsche also did a few bikes.

  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    Colnago actually did a few bikes for Ferrari. Their C50 road bikes were v.lovely and sold out they then dod a mtn. bike and went on to produce a commute flat-bar bike which I saw in the Milan store about 2 years ago and another high end road bike in yellow. the Porsche road bikes were made by Storck. ... 1&ct=title
  • OffTheBackAdamOffTheBackAdam Posts: 1,869
    Audi did/do bikes too, also in the £4k price bracket.
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  • idaviesmooreidaviesmoore Posts: 557
    Audi did/do bikes too, also in the £4k price bracket.

    Did you get a free Golden Retriever and place to hang your jacket in the back? :wink:
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  • NuggsNuggs Posts: 1,804
    How horrible...
  • idaviesmooreidaviesmoore Posts: 557
    Nuggs wrote:
    How horrible...

    Sorry....I didn't mean it :cry:
    'How can an opinion be bullsh1t?' High Fidelity
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