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Giant M Zero BB removal query

The good doctorThe good doctor Posts: 307
edited July 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
I have a creaky type noise pretty much every revolution, I've changed pedals tightened chanirings, checked chain and the noise remains even if I'm out of the saddle. Are the BB and cranks the only parts left to check? The Giant website spec says
CRANKS TruVativ ISOFlow 3.0 26/36/48 and BOTTOM BRACKET Cartridge.
Would removing cranks and applying grease be an option or does the whole BB need removing & replacing. Specifically what tools do I need, looking at the Park tools instuctions I need to remove cranks and get a BB removal tool. I have only a multi tool for the crank removal so I gues this will not produce sufficient leverage and does the BB just slip out using the BB tool ?
Lots of questions I know but don't want to waste money on the wrong tools.
The bike is only 4 months old.




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