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Route Planner & GPS Advice

MannmanMannman Posts: 22
edited July 2008 in Tour & expedition
Can someone please suggest a cycle route planner and GPS for planning cycling trips both in England and in France?
Many thanks.


  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    For route planning you could start off with or Multimap has online OS mapping but you have to find the right zoom level.

    If you want to invest in digital mapping then there is plenty of choice for Britain - but unfortunately if you buy a map from one provider then you have to use their software as well.

    For France you have the choice of the GeoRando software/mapping from the IGN or multimap (though multimap don't cover the whole of france). The software for both is OK (each has its own quirks and irritations) - though the MultiMap ODA software works much better than the Georando equivalent.

    As far as the GPS is concerned I have an etrex Legend which has basic monochrome mapping which is fine for Britain and France (covering all but the most minor roads), but the price of colour GPS displays seems to be falling rapidly and your best bet might be to go for a Vista HCx which (IIRC - I may be thinking of the Venture) can be found for £135 or so (plus cost of the bike mount).

    Note that if you're tempted to buy one of the Garmin Edge models some of them don't have the facility to read your grid reference. I consider that an essential - though others may disagree.
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