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Where am I going wrong??

PeanuttPeanutt Posts: 229
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Ok, so I took my new bike out for the first time yesterday, very impressed, much more travel than my old naff catalogue bike and suspension that actually works.

I found some nice downhills, nothing hardcore, I'm just a beginner, but fast decents with some nice natural 'jumps'. Usually when I launch off something I can maintain control and land the bike however I was finding that every time I tried to get more than a foot of air my feet became detached from the peddles and I found myself doing an unintentional superman!!

How do I jump a bike and keep the bike stuck to my feet?
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  • mellexmellex Posts: 214
    Could simply be your body position during the take-off / jump. Are you standing on the pedals with your butt over the crossbar or saddle? I find it far easier to stay attached if I lean my whole body weight backwards just before hitting the jump. My butt is over the rear wheel which also gives me more stability.

    Other than that, try clip-in-pedals.
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