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Cols in the Pyrenees.

Hi Cyclists

We have cycling friendly accommodation in the Aude region of the Pyrenees and are part of a bike chain that reaches across at least to Pau/Lourdes but we also organise tours of our own. We are keen to offer advice to any cyclists looking to explore either Cathar country or the TDF Cols. You can get more information on us by visiting but if you want to know anything about cycling in this area, get an entry for next years Ariegeoise, visit the Tour Cols then ask away. We will be delighted to help.
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  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    The Ariegeoise cyclosportive is well worth doing, a brilliant route with several Pyrenean cols and it's well organised. A great challenge in its own right, and an ideal warm up for anyone thinking of the Etape which usually follows a few weeks later. Recommended!
  • Picke2580Picke2580 Posts: 6
    Thanks for that Kleber. The Ariegeoise (164km) also has two shorter versions, normally run on the same day La Mountagnole (106km) and La Passejade (70km) so it can be many things to many men!!

    By the way in response to an earlier discussion. Avoid the Col Du Porte on Mondays, the restaurant at the top is closed and even a good Cassoulet for me does not offer the promise of a good afternoons cycling though you can virtually guarantee the wind behind. :lol:
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  • peter_andrewpeter_andrew Posts: 373
    The ariegeoise as a warm up!!!
    I would suggest that the etape should be warm up for it (if it was 1st on the calendar of course).
    My claim to fame is coming last in it 2 yrs ago
  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    It is a tough event peter, that's right and well done for finishing. But it's not harder than most versions of the Etape. It's probably the best Pyrenean cyclosportive.
  • Picke2580Picke2580 Posts: 6
    Hi Peter

    Like Kleber says well done on finishing. If you fancy another go in 2009 we are planning to put a team in from The plan includes a few days before hand to acclimatise to the routes and maybe have a look at the Col de Marmare. If you are interested have a look at our site. And remember you don't have to do the 163 km option there are shorter options as well.
    visit for great cycling holidays.
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