Evans should sign for Columbia

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anyone wlse think that in order for evens to win the tour or the giro he will have to dump silence lotto...they were pathetic .look at the work Columbia did and were up there the whole 3 weeks. Cadel will not win the tour with a classics team.


  • Doobz
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    no one wants to work for cadel - Columbia has awesome team ethics so Evans would probably be a bit out of place
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    They just need a couple of good signings. With several teams folding, there should be some good riders around. Normally Cioni and Popovych would be useful, but they just weren't on form.
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    I think some people are a bit harsh on Lotto when they said they did not support Evans in the race. I think they did what they could but they were a weak team. McEwen and co. all rode tirelessly for Evans and carried the race as best they could when he had the jersey. However the team were too weak especially in key mtn stages - popovych surely missed his "Disco Juice" and looked very avg for a guy in his prime, horner was superior last year. Evans in my opinion HAS to leave Lotto. He was the best rider in the tour but on the wrong team. I think if he was on some otehr teams he would ahve one - the combo of Schlecks and Sastre were too much. He showed last year he could win but the team were too tight to bring in the necessary support. Next year would be the same.

    WRT getting a new team there is the Evans factor - he is not universally liked. Plus next year he will have Contador+ Astana to contest with so I think he will be racing for the podium. If he went to Columbia it would cause problems for Cav in sprints. To win you need a team 100% behind GC rider. With 4stages this yr, you can bet next year peleton would look to Columbia to do a lot of riding to pull back breaks in first week. Garmin or maybe Rabobank might be a better bet.
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    Evans always markets himself as a clean rider, he should go to one of the teams with a clear anti doping stance and testing regime.

    He showed this year he could get himself into a position to win the tour with very little help from his team, however, next year will be harder (though personally I don't think Contador is quite as brilliant as everyone claims) and perhaps he will need a strong team in order to compete.

    Personally, I don't know where Evans would fit in, Team Garmin? Personally the team togetherness wouldn't go well with his personality. Team Colombia? They already have star riders who can get stage wins like they are going out of fashion, taking on a rider who is starting to get quite old wouldn't make a great deal of sense. Rabo? would be a good bet, however, they have a dodgey reputation according to some.

    That leaves the new version of Tinkoff, who also have a dodgey reputation...
    You live and learn. At any rate, you live
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    All the riders at Rabobank seem to hate each other anyway. Thomas Dekker communicates with the rest of the team via his lawyer. Cadel would fit in just fine.
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    Hopefully not cav and wiggins in the team made it one of my favs and seeing them in the classics and tours this year has been great.

    Before this tour I thought cadel maybe got a bit of a harsh deal from people in terms of performance but mainly media however the way he has been in this tour has put me totally off him. I know cav has his detractors but the more he won and more interviews he gave you can only say he was grateful of the great team he had around him, nevermind when he loses and doesn;t take it well.

    The whole bodyguard, headbutting cameras and the shoulder effort this tour and his weird behaviour means I really don;t want to see much more of this guy. With contador back probably next year and another year under the belt for other younger riders maybe this was evans best shot anyway.