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Fitting new rear derailleur

JoonyerJoonyer Posts: 14
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Hi all.

Totally new to MTB maintenance but did some reading up and asking around and felt ready to try replacing my rear derailleur.

Removed the damaged Shimano Alivio and bought (upon recommendation from users here) a Shimano XT 761 (seen at link below) ... egoryId=76

I'm a bit confused as one of the cogs/wheels at the back is bigger on the Alivio so I duno if I've bought the wrong one or what, but the problems started when I realised my chain didn't have a link in it to open the chain.

Long story short, I took the derailleur apart to try and fit it around the chain, and just ended up covered in oil and pissed off.

My current situation: Old derailleur removed, new one is back together as new. No idea what to do. Have I not looked hard enough for a proper chain link? What can I do? I don't wana take it to the bike shop if I can afford it, as I resent paying for things that I should be able to do myself.

I did use the search function but it returned absolutely nothing of any relevance.

Any advice welcome, cheers.



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    read the how toos on park tools.

    you will need to check your chain length.

    so did you fit the new mech to the bike or not.
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