Computer question - which mid-range HRM?

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My previous road bike (now my daily commuter / winter bike) has a Polar CS200cad which I've always got with ok, although the cadence function was of minor interest. When I picked up my new bike, I bought a Blackburn Delphi 6.0 as it included training zones and an altimeter / gradient display which was something I wanted.

However... in doing so I lost the calorie calculations (which I find useful as someone trying to, ahem, slim down), dual riding/elapsed time (Delphi has only one or the other) and the altimeter seems to be wildly inaccurate (50 mile route on Bikely says 416m, Delphi says 594m, so only 50% out!!)

So, my question is - which computer should I buy to get what I want, which includes:
+ HRM training zones
+ Gradient display / total climb
+ Ride time AND elapsed time
+ Calorie calculations
+ Stem mountable (the Delphi is, but the fitting clips onto the headset cap, which won't work with my Look headset

I've searched on this site and there are pros and cons with all my current candidates:
+ Garmin 305 (not worried about Nav maps, so don't need 605/705)
+ Polar cs400
+ polar cs600 (not much more the cs400, gives more?)

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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    Reckon Polar CS400 will do the job best.
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    I've got a 305 which I think is amazing. I love the SportTracks software that is free on the internet that you can use to map your heart rate against time and elevation. You can also plan a route an use the GPS to guide you. Plus you can set up training zones. I only had a cheap polar before so am not sure how good the good ones are, but I would heartily recommend the Garmin, especially if you do other sport as well. Also 305 now available much more cheaply due to the new model being out.

    I wear it on my wrist so not sure if anyone can comment on stem mounts...
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    If you have the money then I would go for the Polar CS600 because it uses WIND (2.4 ghz) technology which significantly reduces interference (or at least that is what I have found) when I switched from my old s710 to CS600.

    The other advantage is that you can add a power unit to it afterwards if that's what you want to whereas with the CS400 that option isn't possible.

    Polar have had problems in these recent models with DOA (dead on arrival) sensors and stuff however when it is all working they are fantastic and their customer service is fantastic. They will turn most things round the day they receive them.

    Can't comment on the Garmin other than to say I don't get too excited about the 305 but love the idea of a 705.