Fox RL forks leaking air

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The forks on my Super Bud are leaking air somehow. I've reset them today and they seem initially to be OK. By chance I was standing next to the bike and heard a quick puff of air, over the next 5 minutes the forks lose all the air and are completely depressed.

The seal on the left leg rises up towards the top of the fork, I've tried pushing it back in but it won't stay there.

Any ideas ? Only a couple of months old, no serious rides yet.
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  • davethedoo
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    I had a similar problem happen to my rear shoch (FOX RP2) last week. the valve inside the shraeder thing had bent slightly. I got another put in (30 second job) and it now works perfectly.

    I think you can buy a little tool which allows you to unscrew it

    Hope this helps

  • Andy B
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    Back to the shop with it, it's almost brand new & you shouldn't have to fiddle with it, by doing so you may void your warranty.
  • skyliner
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    That'll be a faulty air seal covered under warranty return them to be fixed.
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