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Masa Ito
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Recently, some cycilists in japan are paying attention again to handmade steel frames.
Because people like that are thinking steel frame has own beauty,
Geometry and color design with high degree of freedom.

Are there some people in euro who think like that?
Moreover does market like that exist?
I would like to make website and introduce japanese handmade bike frames.



  • andyp
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    Hello Ito-san,

    There are many people in Europe who share similar thoughts on the beauty and practicality of steel frames. Here in the UK there are a few manufacturers who still specialise in making steel frames such as Mercian and Bob Jackson.

    These frames are especially popular amongst fixed gear riders and there is also a lot of interest in Japanese frames such as 3Rensho and Nagasawa.

    Another good site to ask your questions on is the London Fixed Gear and Single Speed forum;


  • Masa Ito
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    Hello Andy-san

    Manufactures in UK are indeed interesting.
    We can hardly get information of them.

    there is similar tendency around fixed gear riders in Japan also.

    I could not visit that forum though I do not reason.

    thank you for your reply.

    Masa Ito
  • andyp
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    It's because I got the URL wrong;


    My apologies.
  • Monty Dog
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    Within the track/fixed-gear community there is a sub-cult of NJS-approved track bikes - which are mainly built by a handful of Japanese builders - these are expensive and are pretty hard-core with minimal clearances. Having wandered into a few Tokyo bike shops I was staggered by the prices, particularly for high-end European frames - I've often been outbid on ebay for small frames by Japanese buyers too.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • proto
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    Hello Ito-san,

    Please take a look at this site Frame Forum

    There are plenty of enthusiasts and builders of steel frames posting there. Especially look at the gallery, Many very beautiful bicycles and frames, superb workmanship, from all over the world..
  • andy san

    thank you new URL

    Monty Dog san
    Some Japanese are yearning to Europien bike.
    Such people do not regret expending.
    Especially, in like Italian and vintage parts of french.
    in japan also, prices of NJS-approved frame are expensive
    I think that it will be quiet soon. .

    proto san
    thank you , i will enjoy waching them.