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upgrading is it worth it?

tamtruk1tamtruk1 Posts: 191
edited July 2008 in MTB beginners
hi all following on from my other post about forks for a fatty (me lol) i need to know if my bike is worth upgarding ?
its a carrera vulcan alloy frame jobbie! its a 01 model i think (been in my inlaws garage that long as its like new).its a 21 speed so does this mean i can or cant change to a 9 speed cassete (yeah i know i will need new shifters and mechs)
will be using it for commute to work and light xc to start with.
note i am a very heavy guy so any upgrades must be weight durable!!!
thanks in advance rob
ps any one selling upgrade items let me know!!


  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    to upgrade to 9spd you will need: new chain, new shifters, new cassette (possibly new wheel if the current cogs are on a freewheel), possibly new mech's & chainrings, all of which will cost around £170 (if you need all the parts I have listed)

    Maybe better to sell the old bike & get a new one, or stick with what you have for now.
  • tamtruk1tamtruk1 Posts: 191
    9 speed isnt that important to me to be honest.
    wheels i need as do i need brakes,forks,better mechs,all contact points as in bars saddle etc etc
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    it would be cheaper and easier to get a new bike.
  • salsarider79salsarider79 Posts: 914
    Yep, new bike time. Lucky you! :D Have a look at Specialized Hardrock's as they are good value for money and are good starter bikes too.
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  • xtremedashxtremedash Posts: 182
    Although the shrewd salesman in me would like to sell you a bunch of parts I've just taken off an old bike, I would rather advise you get a new bike. In the end you could spend way more than the original value of the bike as new and it still not be better than starting fresh.
    There are plenty of great bikes available, depending on budget, look at spending £300-£500.

    You should be able to sell on your old bike to help ofset the new one.
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  • indysmithindysmith Posts: 276
    Also check out the Kona Hoss (from the Clydesdale range - bikes for BIG boys)
    You could probably get one quite cheap if yu went for last year's model.
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