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Bike cleaning/maintainence stuff

anoycepersonanoyceperson Posts: 66
edited July 2008 in MTB buying advice
Hi Guys,

I have just got myself a spangly new bike and so I want to keep it well maintained and clean. I have been looking at getting the following things to get me started:

Chain cleaner: ... elID=12709

Brush Set: ... elID=14412

Cleaning fluid: ... odelID=520

Do these look like a good option, if not any suggestions for better alternatives?

Also when it comes to relubricating after the wash what should I use on the various parts?

I have been using GT85 on the chain/chainset and thats it so far. What do I want to use on the forks and other bits and pieces?



Edit: Forgot to mention I am on a bit of a budget, but am willing to spend money on things that will be worthwhile as I am a bit lazy.


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