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things i learnt

ThatGuyOnABikeThatGuyOnABike Posts: 198
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i just got back from a ten day trip around europe, my first ever cycle trip.
things i learnt:

need new tent (with two skins!!)
need new bike (without front suspension and bigger wheels)
travel lighter
need more space (even when lighter and with less, need space for shopping day to day and shopping b4 coming back [love those french biscuits])
Belgium and Netherlands loves cyclists (france not so much)
most europeans buy practical bikes with very neat city panniers (look very cool)
need to find light that goes over my handle bar bag (currently uselessly blocked behind it)
mark more campsites on map
take spare tyre (i just took inner tube but what happened to my friend make me think twice)
take wind break for cook stove + campsites in france, belgium and netherlands do not have cooking facilities (in finland they do!)
need METAL pan holder (my plastic one melted while doing fried eggs [need to hold pan more for this job])
security at campsites nothing to be overly paranoid about
there are yobos/oiks everywhere! (i thought maybe it would be different...)
50ml of suntan lotion is surprisingly not enough for 10 days
duct tape, cable ties and a very good knife are not to be devalued!!!
do not leave bungees hanging off rack and then start cycling (accidently did this after detaching my tent and thinking i'll visit village for cold drink, never made it to village and had to hack a bungee out of my gears)

and finnally the most hilarious of them all when back in england trying to get home by train, london victoria has no elevators and the staff are as helpful as a hammer to the head- just made me wish i had travelled lighter when i carried the bike+ gear down the stairs in two loads while fearing theft at the end i left behind (i was with friend but no way of having guy at either end plus moving stuff)

Any lessons you've learnt that may help me when i do my next cycle tour? plus anything you've learnt about other cultures that suprised you or are gennerally comical?
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