Road Safety - in 1926

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  • where/when did we go wrong :D
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    where/when did we go wrong :D

    Can I suggest a legal system that says that if you drive a large heavy dangerous vehicle at speed, your not responsible for the consequences unless conclusively proved to be so?

    Problem is not just a lack of dutch style infrastructure, its the lack of dutch style laws.
    Witness that in the video the onus is on everyone but the motorist to take care.

    If that was the case with say firearms, it would be legal to let them off in all directions as long as you didn't actually intend to hit anyone deliberately, anyone hit would be therefore blamed for their own injuries because they hadn't taken enough care to avoid being struck by bullets.

    Which is of course patently ridiculous, but somehow the english legal system has applied this principal to motoring vs. pedestrians/cyclists.
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    Chuck I think you're right to a degree. Though I think it goes deeper than the legal system, this comes from society in general.

    Cars were once (and to some extent still are) seen as status symbols. Once you have a car you have status, and status need not worry about the consequences. :(

    Incidentally I found this today: cruddy quality but seems to proove a point about staus and not having to worry about rules. :?