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What length Stem ?

troutytrouty Posts: 198
edited July 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
I have measured the length of my stem from middle of handlebar clamp to allen key which goes into forks and i have an 85mm stem.
I want to upgrade and maybe go a tad longer.
I have been searching the web and it seems that some stems vary in 10mm increments from 90mm upto 130mm.
Would putting a longer stem on make the front end lighter or more planted ?
How far can you go with this before it messes the front end geometry up ?

Could i say go to the extreme and put a 130mm on ? and if i did would it screw the handling of the bike up ?
I am looking at wider bars too but stem will probably be changed 1st.
I know 130mm would probably be too much and i will possibly only need to go 110mm.
I find the front end of the bike fairly light as it is so dont want to make this worse.

Any suggestions on making it better ?

Should i lower the stem would this help ?

and putting wider bars on what effect will this have apart from slowing the steering a bit which is also what i want as its a little too lively for me at present.




  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    Longer stem's put your weight further forward & slow the handling down.

    even 10mm longer/shorter is noticeable

    can you try some of your mates stem's out (if they have longer ones)?
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