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New to this and looking for advice GT or Specialized?

HappypaddlerHappypaddler Posts: 4
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Hi all,

Hello all, new to forum. I'm just starting out as a mountain biker - I'm actually a kayaker and my friends are dragging me along to introduce mountain biking.

As it happens I need a bike anyway. I have a new job working at a university and I have a son. My aim is to get a mountain bike for weekend play on the trails, and a back childs bike seat for the week so that I can cycle to work, dropping him off at nursery.

I have got it down to 2 bikes, the Specialized Hardrock Comp Disc and the GT Avalanche 3.0 2008. Not knowing what all the different parts really mean, I have no idea which will be best.

All help and guidance very much appreciated.

Which of the two bikes would be the better buy (both at £299) 0 votes

Specialized Hardrock Comp Disc
0% 0 votes
GT Avalanche 3.0 2008
0% 0 votes


  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    Sorry, but neither of the above!

    I'd go for the Carrera Vulcan or GT Aggressor 3 from Halfords, both have a much better fork with rebound damping, which means you don't pogo down the trails! ... yId_106166 ... yId_106167
  • Thanks Andy, more food for thought. I thought kayaks and their accessories were tough to choose... they are a breeze compared to bikes...

    Someone has mentioned making sure that the forks lock for when I'm on the road - does this make sense? I'm sure its a school boy question, but I am starting out...
  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    Lock out on forks can make road riding easier, basically the fork is restricted to about 10-20mm of travel, making it more like a rigid fork.

    Once you have narrowed the choice down a test ride is essential, just to make sure it fits properly.

    no probs, we all started out as beginners & we all learn new stuff as we go on!
  • makes sense, thanks for that.
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