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Super stiff forks

Liam-rooneyLiam-rooney Posts: 159
edited July 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi everyone,
I have got a Jamis cross country 1,0 and it comes with RST Gila T7 forks and they are super stiff, there are two ajustments knobs on the top of the fork but one of them is also really stiff so i cant ajust them evenly, are there any oils i can put in the fork to make it looser, or anything else i can do? if yea please tell me how to because i dont have a clue.

NS Holy 2009 :D
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  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    No need to post in 2 areas of the forum.

    The RST forks are (to be honest) censored .

    The adjusters do next to nothing, I wouldn't bother oiling them as some oils will rot the seals.
  • Liam-rooneyLiam-rooney Posts: 159
    yea sorry for the double post and i no they are censored its just really anoying them being sooo stiff,

    so i will take it as there is nothing i can do,

    NS Holy 2009 :D
    Saving for Full Sus...
  • ironyirony Posts: 43
    Wear rubber gloves, wind out the preloaders as much as possible and take the forks apart.

    Grease all the bits with a synthetic grease (hence the gloves). Pay attention to the wipers and the stanchions. Grease each mcu. Grease everything.
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