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Riding from London to Eastbourne.

Does anyone have a well noted route?

Happy to use London 2 Brighton – Will find way from there. Can anyone point me towards nicely noted L2B route?


  • EdHarris
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    Well, if you follow the L2B route to Lindfield, turn/fork left at the post office and try the following route (I have done it 2/3 times and works quite well):

    Follow B2111 all the way to A272

    Turn right onto A272 then in 100 metres turn left down fantastically named "Slugwash Lane"

    Turn left and head to Wivelsfield Green, turn right in 400m.

    If you look at google maps you'll see you have a choice of 3/4 parralel roads going south to the B2116. Pick any: the route going through Streat is my favourite, but the East Chilltington way is quicker (flatter).

    Take B2116 to A275, then stay on this road through Offham unitl Lewes; over the prison crossroad traffic lights, down the hill: at mini round-about take a right. Follow this road all the way to Newhaven.

    Follow the A259 to and through Seaford: once out of Seaford the hills start! But so do the views.

    When you get the the top of the hill after East Dean and after a bit of "flat" you've a choice: take a right and enjoy 2/3 hairpin bends and end up right on the seafront, or carry straight on going down the hill where 51mph is achievable! (This route takes you into town a bit).

    Max and relax by the sea! (Lindfield to Eastbourne is 33 miles, London to Lindfield I'd hazard a guess at 40/45 miles).

    Enjoy your ride, I like this route a lot: under no curcumstance take the A27: it is the complete opposite of the dog's bo!!ocks!