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Bike lube/degreaser

heathrow86heathrow86 Posts: 228
edited July 2008 in Road beginners
I am thinking in investing in a Finishline chain cleaning kit, however it comes with a wet lube. I do mainly commuting on the road bike obviously in all weathers is the wet lube ok? As it is pretty dry around here.

Also any recomendations on a bike cleaner other the car soap?



  • Fenwicks FS1 bike cleaning fluid is very good. I use Halford's citrus degreaser on the chain, cassette and rings. Many threads on lubes but basically a wet lube is better for wet conditions and dry for dry. I use a wax lube in the summer because it does not cause your chain and sprockets to turn in to a black mess (White Lightening).
  • andrewc3142andrewc3142 Posts: 906
    Muc Off in one of those chain cleaning machines works well. For my road bike I use White Lightning and clean it really well once a week, for the other family bikes Finish Line spray on and they get cleaned, um, not very often (there are 10 and I'm the only one who does them ....)

    Muc Off for the rest of the bike as well.
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