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Any good routes near manchester?

salerulessalerules Posts: 37
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i what to start riding more want to know good routes near me


  • irishdan13irishdan13 Posts: 76

    it depends on what you are looking for. If you just want to put in a few miles on the trail you could hit the Trans Pennine Trail either through Carrington or at the bottom of Atlantic Street (the Atlantic Retail Park in Altrincham). This will take you out through Lymm, Warrington and on to Southport. It is a very flat ride as there aren't too many hills on the Cheshire Plain. Alternatively you can head out in the other direction to the waterpark and beyond. The TPT is well signposted and pretty easy.

    Recently discovered a few routes around Marple. We drove to the Roman Lakes Leisure Park and headed out from there ( Various routes taking in roads, trails, tow paths and a bit of downhill (short but fun).

    Hope this helps.

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  • rampaxrampax Posts: 139
    Yeah, I ride on both of those routes too.
    The TPT is easy family riding, avoiding kids n dogs. Very flat.
    The routes around Marple/Mellor/Strines are generally more gnarly bridalways, more like proper mountain biking (whatever that means). Avoiding horses rather than dogs.
    The bridalways are much more hilly too.

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  • salerulessalerules Posts: 37
    thanks does anyone else have any ideas
  • Telemaster18Telemaster18 Posts: 189
    I take it from your name that your in sale. I'm living in altrincham and have been along to see the trans penine in altrincham (I live just across the road from B&Q). Maybe gonna head over to Marple and check out the trails there. £1 for the trail maps??? hmmm Anyway, have you tried delamere? Just been there for the first time and basically followed the white markers which is a 7 mile forest road trail. But I cut off into the abyss that is delamere forest and found loads of forest singletrack. I have no idea where I went and would definitely not remember it but after a few more times I think you could figure out a definite route full of wonders. Perhaps could do with some help but wouldnt wanna slow anybody down if I was going round with them. Trying to get my mates to come, but they're lazy. Alternatively LLandegla near Wrexham is about an hour away if you can be bothered. Theres apparently some up north manchester to which I'm hoping to get someone to show me round. Sorry for the essay post.....
  • i dont live in sale i support the rugby team
    I live in Marple
  • i didnt think the trails round marple there that good and does anyone know where i can get that book
  • You can get the trail guide from the shop at Roman Lakes Leisure Park. I bought a copy and would suggest if you are going to get one you also get the relevant OS map for the area as the trail maps and directions are fairly basic. The trails aren't anything earth shattering but at least there are a few hills to get the blood flowing. I agree with Telemaster18 that Llandegla is well worth a visit.

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  • Vgraphics guide to the dark peak has quite a few decent rides. has a series of A4 colour maps showing different rides around the area. They show all of the lanes, tracks and bridleways and give a rough indication of technical grade and surface conditions. The lanes and bridleways around bollington and pott shrigley are easier. Macc Forest, Cumberland Brook and Three Shires head are more technical, as is the riding round the goyt. Although these would be relatively long day rides from Marple. The Middlewood way and macclesfield canal do atleast give a flat out and back if you want to ditch the car.
  • ratty2kratty2k Posts: 3,872
    Peak district, some great rides based at Ladybower (Fairholmes VC) Whinstone lee toor, Win hill, The beast, Blackley hey etc... too good to miss IMO
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  • A bit dated not but the roman lakes guide books ( and GPX files (;jsessionid=AF353A52F2EF0373BDA0D89502DB7FE0?username=RomanLakesMarple) of all the routes are now online.

    There is also an excellent route ( from the car park opposite Stockport Tescos. Nothing ground breaking, but local and a lot better than the TPT alone.
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