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Upgrading GT Tequesta 21 speed 1995 for touring

andywarintonandywarinton Posts: 6
edited July 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
The bike was bought in NZ 1995 and has STX drivechain, IG chain, and shifters and break-levers integrated in a single unit. I naively thought it might be easy to swap the straight bars for some drop-handled bars and add some integrated brake/shifters, but have been reading it is not so easy! Can anyone help with some queries:
1. The original chain is an IG series. Do I need to replace with an IG 7/8 speed chain or will an HG work OK? If I have to change the rear cassette as well (the cogs look pretty good but it has done a modest number of miles on the original) is that an IG original cassette (can't see any markings) or are the rear cogs the same as the HG 7 speed cassettes? Can you buy an IG 7 speed cassette now?
2. An old CTC article recommended pre 2001 Campag Ergo integrated shifters to work with MTB 21 speeds. Anyone able to confirm this or suggest beter option?
3. I did think about using some 21 speed shifters and just using some old road break-levers, but will I have a problem with the V breaks?
4.One option would be to keep the original break/shifters and change either the bar-ends to give me the tradition road bike position, or to get some track bars which again mimic the top of traditional road bars. Anyone able to suggest the ideal bar-ends, and would track bars be too extreme in forward projection for relaxed touring? The bar ends I have and all I see in the listings curve up and in and so don't feel quite a comfortable in the forward hand position.

All in all I wonder if I will end up spending so much money I would be better buying a second-hand super galaxy! All suggestions gratefully received.
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