How much would you pay for this bike?

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I like my bike, but think this i better and like to looks of it. But was wondering how much it would be worth seeing as it's an '06 model. ... :IT&ih=002


  • Doobz
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    there are a few for sale on here for about £550 - £600
  • lamchop
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    On where?
  • lamchop
    lamchop Posts: 36
    Hmmm.... soon after I place this link on this site the bids went up on Ebay!!!!

    I'm guessing it's worth bidding on then! :p
  • lamchop
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    Sigh.... Now it's too expensive for me!!!
  • topdude
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    Don't despair, it is overpriced for a second hand Allez anyway.
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  • gkerr4
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    it's not worth that much don't worry about it!!

    You could get a new allez sport for £479 here:

    add a set of mavic aksiums for £100 ish and you are still in pocket with a brand new bike
  • fluff.
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    I think the OP has an Allez Sport already? In which case the money would be better spent upgrading the wheels on that, rather than a whole new bike imo.
  • lamchop
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    Yeah, I quite liked the look of the one on Ebay...

    But i'm not seriously thinking about upgrading a few bits and pieces on my Allez Sport... Especially the saddle coz my a*se is aching!

    I'll just wear these wheels/tyres out before I get a new pair, might as well get full use of these for now.... and save a bit of cash!