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Dropped Foot

steve_1981steve_1981 Posts: 114
edited August 2008 in Health, fitness & training

I broke my femur 12 weeks ago but also suffered "severe" nerve damage so I've now got a dropped foot.

I'm told my peronial nerve is intact but damaged so it may get better but it's going to take ages.

Basically I'm wondering if anyone out there has this injury too and if they can suggest the best kind of foot support (if any) to wear whilst riding. (I ride freeride/downhill but not to any great standard yet!)



  • Dr_DeathDr_Death Posts: 1,262
    That's going to be a bit of a censored .

    Best people to speak to are going to be the orthotic guys at your hospital... Give your consultant a bell and speak to him/his secretary about it. They should be able to rustle you something up made out of thermoplastic, as long as you tell them exactly what you want it for and your consultant thinks it will be OK then yiou should have no problems....

    Trust me, I'm a doctor!
  • steve_1981steve_1981 Posts: 114

    I've just taken delivery of a new AFO made out of carbon fibre. The surgical appliances dept reckon it'll be strong and flexible enough to ride with so I guess I'll have to see.

    Going to be a while before i get to try it out though cause I'm still on crutches :(
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