Six Weeks of Bliss

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My little commute from Potters Bar to Golders Green, just got a whole lot easier for
the next six weeks. No BMW/Mercedes driving school run mums. :x

Will not drop my guard though, but will enjoy it while it lasts. :D:lol:

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  • dav1
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    my 5.5 mi commute through norwich was 5 mins shorther today thanks to the reduced traffic.

    I love it when schools are out :D
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  • wampa
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    i am a teacher so my commute just got a lot shorter for the next 6 weeks, the only place i am going at 7.30 is around the house in my pants, i LOVE summer!
  • lamchop
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    your problem in golders green aint to do wtih driving school run mums... it's the driving in general (and parking)!!! you cycle up barnet hill then???
  • ChrisLS
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    ...yes agreed, blissssssssss...oh for less cars on the road all the time... :D
    ...all the way...'til the wheels fall off and burn...
  • dang65
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    What time of day do all you people commute then? Most schools don't open their gates till 8.40am, so the school run starts at about 8.30am. The school day ends at around 3.15pm, so most the "school run mums" are out the way long before the rush hour starts.

    Apart from the teachers here, how many of you get caught up in the school run?

    As I've said on here before (though I don't think people believe me), there are actually lots of people away on family holidays at the moment, so less people are going to work, so there are less of the BMW/Audi one-occupant saloons clogging up the roads in the usual rush hour. That's what really reduces the traffic.
  • lost-time
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    Well, I used to get caught up in a walking bus...! One part of my commute involves navigating a bit of track that we have the pleasure of sharing with walkers. From around 08:15 onwards there are kids doing their walking bus to school. Most of the kids seem quite sensible and move to one side and even shout ahead to let the others know a bike is approaching. It's some of the parents that don't move or don't control their dogs or younger kids that get me. Then nearer 09:00 you get the parents walking back. On one occaision I was riding up the hill towards a couple of mums with pushchairs walking side by side. They had obviously seen me coming as they both stopped gossiping and looked directly at me. I slowed down and anticipated which one would move over...I got nearer and nearer and was almost at a standstill when about a meter away I realized neither was going to move so I had to stop right in front of them...Obviously I was in the wrong(!) and was made to feel this by the looks the two gave me! Imagine if they'd been in their 4x4s!
    I've left that job now so I no longer commut that way...Shame, 6 weeks of parent free track is quite appealing...
  • downfader
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    Ahhhhh!!! There was s0d all on the roads today.. :D I love it when its like this. I had whole roads to myself this morning.
  • lamchop

    Sorry for the delay re this reply, you are so right re Temple Fortune the whole of that
    stretch of the Finchley Rd is a Bl***y nightmare.... and yes I do cycle up Barnet Hill

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