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Orange Five suspension advice

baz2963baz2963 Posts: 174
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I currently have a five with RP23 and float R's on. I recently tried a bike (Pace 405) and it had coil sprung forks, I very much prefered this feel and was also talking to the rep about coil shocks too.

I think the main question will be what shock am I able to put into the five frame, I am already looking at the vanilla fork.. or has anyone got any experience of coil sprung suspension within the five frame ??



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Mmm sounds more like the fork and shock either need a service or have never been set up correctly for you.

    the RP23 is one of the better shocks out there.

    But it does not look like there will be any issues fitting a heavier coil shock to that frame. you will just need to get one with the correct i2i and stroke. then go to an online spring calculator and input the info to give you the info for the spring you need to get for it.

    re forks any 140mm fork will do but the one i would recommend is an air fork being a RS Pike air U-turn but you do not want air sus.
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  • baz2963baz2963 Posts: 174

    I dont have any specific issues with the rp23 just wondered if I could go coil. Also with the fork, I ride very hard and would expect to use most of the travel but there is a good inch left ? do you know why this would be. I dropped the PSI to 50 and made the rebound faster and it seemed a little plusher, but still not using the full length of the stanchions ??.

    I serviced/cleaned the forks seals and dropped a couple of CC's of fox fluid onto the foams and they havnt had a great deal of use so I cant see a major service being needed.

  • I would echo the comments about spending the time to get your pressures and set up correct as you have got two good suspension units on your bike as is, if you go for coil units is will cost you a bunch of cash to change. I would stick with experimenting with your current set up until you find your sweet spot and don't worry about always acheiving full travel, the ride is more important.
  • mik75mik75 Posts: 149
    I would have thought that its not a good thing to be bottoming out your Float Rs. This can't really do them any good.

    I've had my 5 with Float RLCs and RP23 shock for 14 months and never found the suspension or bike wanting in any terrain i've ridden (mainly Peaks and Welsh/Dalby trail centers). My forks are currently being serviced for the first time and have been fine for the type of riding I do.

    How long have you had the bike? Maybe Nick and Dave are right and you need to tinker with the setup more. I'm 13st (and maybe a bit more after pie eating/beer drinking weekend) and run between 70-80psi in fork. I ran this at 60 when i first got them to loosen them up.

    Maybe its your style of riding and what you actually need is not coil forks but beefier forks like the Fox 36s (Orange do an AM model with these plugged in the front).
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