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Kevlar Tyres!!!

gpwgpw Posts: 42
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Hi, Advice required please.

I have been getting alot of puntures latley on both front and back wheels, so Ive been getting really pi$$ed off with fixing punctures on nearly every ride. Somebody has told me 'Kavlar Tyres' are the best ones to get to avoid this happening regularly. Is anyone out there using these are they as good as my mate told me. Any links would be great. I use clincher tyres if that help!!!!

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  • bendertherobotbendertherobot Posts: 11,684
    What you really want is Michelin Krylium Carbon IF you can find any.
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  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    Kevlar tyres can mean two different things. Firstly tyres may be described as "folding" or "rigid" - rigid tyres have a wire bead (the bit that fits in the rim) and they maintain their round shape when off the wheel. Folders have a kevlar bead which means they are flexible and can be folded. These are usually lighter, more expensive, may be easier to fit, and can be folded up quite small which is useful if you want to take a spare tyre with you on a ride (such as on a tour).

    The sort of kevlar tyre you mean has a kevlar layer beneath the tread to protect from punctures. Many brands offer this, they vary in their puncture resistance. I have had a totally puncture-free experience with Specialized All Conditions Pro's (they have an "Aramid" layer, which is a type of kevlar). Another good tyre is the Schwalbe Marathon or Schwalbe Marathon Plus. The Marathon has a kevlar layer, the Plus has an additional thick layer of special rubber under the tread making them very close to totally puncture proof. The Marathons are heavier though, and have a tread pattern, but suitable for commuting or touring when you might trade off a bit of weight for being totally puncture free.

    With all tyres, proper inflation pressures are essential to prevent punctures.
  • gpwgpw Posts: 42
    Thanks alot for the info - I will search the web for the tyres you mentioned - I have already found some Michelion Krylion Carbon at Ribble cycles.
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  • Rich HcpRich Hcp Posts: 1,355
    I have Vittoria Rubino Pro's, excellent, although the version 2 is now out, I think Wiggle have some

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  • drenkromdrenkrom Posts: 1,062
    I've been riding Michelin for years and punctures are a rare occurance. Twice a week, when I give the bike a complete clean, I fish out numerous glass shards from the tires, yet they seldom make it to the tube. I'm running Pro2Race tires right now. If you go for Vittoria, do not go for any model with "light" in the name. Those are flimsy as can be. I ate through Diamante Pro Lights in a month and a half!

    If you get numerous consecutive punctures, there's a mighty good chance you still had something in your tire. Align the lettering on y our tires to your valve hole so you can relate the position of the puncture on the tube to the position of the hole in the tire quickly. Never, ever put in a new tube until you're holding the object that caused the puncture or you're staring down the empty tire hole.
  • Rich HcpRich Hcp Posts: 1,355
    I agree with the 'light' comment there!

    Also you're right that you must be sure that the original cause of a flat is removed.

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