Shimano SPD's for road and XC ??

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I am mainly an XC rider, but have purchased a reasonably cheap road bike as well to help with training, but getting into the idea of trying out some local time trials etc.

I wont to go clipless on both bikes and would really like to have the same system on both bikes, and keep the one set of shoes (yes skin flint ! ) though about crank bros ie smarty for MTB Quatro for road, but the smarties and Candys get a bit of a hammering re build quality etc unless you want to pay a fortune for the more expensive one.

So do Shimano do SPD's for both XC and road that use the same cleat ? as far as i am aware the 2 SPD systems are different ? or perhaps i should use some of the smaller/lighter XC SPD's on my road bike??

would be grateful for any thoughts/experiences



  • redddraggon
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    No reason why you shouldn't use MTB pedals.
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  • geoff_ss
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    I've only ever used SPD type cleats mainly because I don't race and I find shoes you can walk in a huge advantage. You might try Shimano A520 single-sided SPD pedals on your road bike; they provide a firm platform and I find them very comfortable.

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  • Lagavulin
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    I've got SPD's on 3 of my 4 bikes, including my best bike. I love 'em. Like Geoff, for me the ability to walk around without looking like an extra is Disney on Ice is a huge benefit and not something I'd be willing for sacrifice for a negligible performance advantage.

    I did treat myself to a set of M970 XTR's for my best bike but they were in the sale at the time and haven't had them long enough to decide if they're worth twice the price of my M520s and M540s.

    The M520s are dirt cheap but I've found them to be bullet proof. After a year on my first roadie they were relegated to my MTB and have since suffered 10 months of abuse on there. They look a little worse for wear but still run perfectly fine.
  • Matt-B
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    Another one here using SPDs on both MTB and Road bike, just because I wanted the systems/pedals/shoes on all my bikes to be interchangeable.

    I too have some m520s on my MTB, and they are bulletproof. They were the first SPD pedals I bought, have been on 4 different bikes over the years, and are still working brilliantly. They do look a little bust up though.
  • jswba
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    +1 on the multi-use SPDs! I have 520s on my road and hybrid, and they're great.
  • redddraggon
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    While we are on the topic of being able to walk with SPDs, can anyone recommend any shoes with a stiff sole that is grippy. A lot of the stiff looking MTB shoes don't look too grippy and the rubbery soled shoes don't look very stiff. I need some now that my fixie is near completion.
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  • ride_whenever
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    the specialised BG sport upwards have a stiff sole, but reasonably soft rubber lugs so grip nicely. Or you could go for a pair with replacable lugs so that you can use really soft rubber in them.
  • jswba
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    I've got a pair of Lake MX90s (I think) which have a decent grip and are pretty stiff (cheap too).
  • Hornetto
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    I've got Shimano M520s on my road bike, with Specialized BG Sport shoes. Although I'm new to clipless (only been on a couple of rides with them so far) it is all good. The shoes are stiff soled but grippy when walking (as mentioned above), and I'll be getting a set of M520s for the mountain bike too as I've been so impressed with them on the road bike. I don't have the experience of the other guys, but I've been impressed so far with the M520s and the shoes. For me, it was important that the SPD pedals were double sided so I didn't need to keep flipping the pedal over to engage the shoes.

    Also the M520s were only £16.90 new off ebay including postage.
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  • ride_whenever
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    Ithink the 540s are a workwhile upgrade over the 520s as they have no spanner flats so dont damage your cranks.
  • passout
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    I've done the same and generally have no problems. It's certainly a good idea to try it.

    BUT I've noticed on longer road rides (4 hrs plus) my feet ache with SPDs. I think it's because of the smaller contact area but don't know for sure. I know have SPDs on my winter trainer/commuter and MTBs but have moved to proper road pedals (105s) for my best road bike. A small point and by the sound of it SPDs are your best choice (for now at least).
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  • thanks for all your comments most appreciated

  • dazzawazza
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    Ithink the 540s are a workwhile upgrade over the 520s as they have no spanner flats so dont damage your cranks.

    I agree, if you hunt around you should be able to buy some M540s for only slightly more than a set of M520s.
    I've got both systems and the M540s on my road bike are much smooother than the M520s on my MTB and I've had them twice as long. I think the bearings need replacing on one of the 520s.
    The M540s also look better.
  • Cheshley
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    I run Shimano M540's on all 3 of my bikes, Marin Hardtail for XC, Specialized FSR for beefier off-road and Scott road bike. I use Lake shoes because I have big feet and they are about the only ones that I have ever found that go up to a size 50, and I have never had any problems. As with everything else, it comes down to personal preference.
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