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I bought a specialized tricross bike 10 or so weeks ago and it has done about 3000 miles. Amongst other niggles the latest one is an irritating clickety clicking noise that seems to be coming from the right crank. Ive checked for play and there is none. Could it possibly be shot BB after so short a time? Pedals seem fine too. Help, its driving me nuts!


  • check the chainring bolts are tight, have you tried other pedals in the crankarm?
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    You could try pedalling with one leg at a time (just not putting any pressure on the 'idle' leg) and see if that makes any difference. That'll help confirm if the click is 'sided'.

    It's unlikely to be the bottom bracket. You should check that the cranks are tight on the bb axle. In my experience those sort of clicks tend to be pedal related. It may simply be that your shoe cleat is clicking on the pedal. Try lubricating the pedal. Often noises don't occur unless the offending component is loaded.

    Really it's difficult to make a sensible diagnosis remotely so I may be well off target.

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    Ok cheers will try sticking some lube on the pedals as see how it does. Im going past the bike shop in a couple of days anyway so hopefully it wont fall to bits before then. It was only at the bike shop last week though. It gets ragged so was wondering how quick BBs can wear out.
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    I had a click with my bike which appeared to be coming form the pedal on one side. Annoying as hell. I cured this by giving the pedal on that side a really good tightening.
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    I know this sound stupid but does it sound like "stones" rubbing together when you hear the clicking?
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    if its a newish bike it should have been in for an interim service where they tighten the bb. if this has not been done it will more then likely be something as simple as that. Buy a bb tool and do it yourself. Will save you alot of cash in the long run..
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    Got my bike sorted (i think). Loose chainring. I'd only tightened it up girly tight. Be damned if i can ever get if off again now though... :?
    Cheers all!