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New rim for a DT Swiss RR 1450?

blorgblorg Posts: 1,169
edited July 2008 in Workshop
Had a nasty crash which has wrecked my rear wheel; needs a new rim.

I have been _very_ happy with these wheels otherwise over 1,500km or so and wouldn't have expected the wheel to survive me landing on it!

Further complication with the RR 1450 rear wheel is that AFAIK it uses a 28-spoke double-eylet version of the RR 1.1 rim - I'm not sure that DT sell this seperately (the double-eyelet version of the RR 1.1 is only listed in 32-hole.)

Any ideas? LBS is happy to rebuild if I can source the rim. Emailed DT a week ago but no response. Should I just go with the single-eyelet version of the RR 1.1? The LBS has this one in their catalogue. Just concerned about reliability with the single eyelet version.
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