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Hi All,
I brought a Trek Fuel EX 8 about 10 weeks ago.
Everything worked fine except occasionaly the chain dropped of the Large cog (3-4 times).
When i took the bike in for the six week service i mentioned this as the only issue - bike came back and if anything seemed a little worse.
I took the bike back again last week - they had a look at it - turned out to be much in cable, which they replaced.

Everything seemed fine - Went for a ride yesterday bike shifting perfect untill it got a bit muddy and wet, then i started having a right nightmare the Rear Mech stopped shifting, or i would need to "click" 3 gear changes on the shifter and only get 1 gear shift !!!! couple of minutes latter bike would shift 3 gears on its own !!!!!! this happened for about 1/2 and hour then at the end of the ride the bike seemed to be working fine again ???>

Is this normal when mechs get a bit muddy ? i did only have dry lube on as it was a dryish day should i have gone for wet lube if it was going to be muddy?

Is there something i should look at / adjust or just take it back to the LBS?

Issue with taking it to the LBS is its ok again now.... Surely a £1600 MOUNTAIN bike should be able to deal with a little mud?

Rear mech is XT
Front mech is LX


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    Sounds like it is time to change the cables.

    Or give then a good clean. but more time effective to replace the inner.
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