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Clutch for fixed to freewheel

3leggeddog3leggeddog Posts: 150
edited July 2008 in Road general
Out riding on saturday and the bullshit turned to fixed riding. The upshot of it was to get an old SA 3 speed hub and try to bodge some sort of fixed to freewheel clutch activated by a gear shifter.

So before we go and injure ourselves engineering, is such an item commercially available? or has one ever been?

We can see the advantage of eaking out every gram of pedal stroke on the climbs and being able to freewheel/tuck on steep descents.

Thanks for your help


  • SJLcpSJLcp Posts: 239
    Someone used to sell such a device a few years back - remember it being reviewed in C+ - had a cable actuated freewheel from the handlebars - bit specialist so may need some searching but it does exist!
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    check out sheldon, he had a bodge for doing it. IIRC it involved brazing...
  • SamWise72SamWise72 Posts: 453
    Sheldon's bodge wasn't a clutch, it simply fixed the SA hub - no more freewheel. It also loses you a gear. I've personally never heard of such a thing, but if it could be created, it'd be awesome...
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