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Recovery Tips

BromskiBromski Posts: 239
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Has anyone got any good tips for recovering from illness?

I've recently had a couple of nasty viruses in a row that have really knocked me back.

I'm finding even the intitial climbs to the trails so difficult that I just want to go home and sulk...

I feel like I'm missing the summer but I've just had a week off and only took my bike out once (disasterously)

Should I hit the gym for a while or ride on the flat? Play another sport? Buy a turbo trainer? Anything else I haven't thought of?

PS - I've been to the doctor who said I was "allowed" to exercise again, but would only tell me that "my body would help decide what to do to get fit again".


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Take it as it comes, but never overdo it. I have M.E., and have to be very careful in what I do. A slow paced recovery is best, doing a little at a time and not doing too much. Your post is very enthusiastic, but believe me, too much can be bad!
  • Hi Bromski,

    Make sure you are eating well to help your body recover fully from the viruses. As you know once you get one and don't fully recover you can be prone to get another.

    Try to eat as many different brightly coloured fruits and vegetables a day as you can (aiming for no less than 5 per day) to keep the viruses at bay. Make sure you eat adequate amount of protein each day too - so have a couple of portions of dairy and meat if you eat it or beans if you don't. Carbohydrate is what fuels your muscles though for your riding. So eat plenty of wholegrain bread/pasta/rice (dump the white stuff it's useless) daily and make sure you eat extra the day before a ride.

    Good luck and take it easy while you are still recovering - listen to your body!
    Julia Revitt
    Personal & Sports Nutrition Adviser
  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    Julia - what a perfectly suited job for this post!!
  • lost-timelost-time Posts: 549
    I had about 7 weeks off the bike apart from 3 or 4 commutes to work and found my fitness had dropped loads. I got tired on the climbs and my overall stamina was so low I thought I'm eternally doomed. I have just ridden around on my own and have slowly built up the muscles/stamina/strength. I've still along way to go to get back to how I was (ask any of the guys I ride with) but I can already feel the difference.

    Just hang on in there, take it easy and you'll soon get it back.
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